Back-to-School Aesthetic, Part Four: Blair Waldorf

Admit it: we all wanted to be Queen Bs of our high school. Too bad minions cannot be bought at the nearest supermarket…

Fashion & Looks


Blair is all about preppy, Old-Hollywood vintage. Think Clueless and Audrey Hepburn. Bows, lace, skirts and dresses. Her hair is as perfect as her outfits, and same goes for make-up. Nothing can be left undone. Absolute perfection is the key.


Plan out everything. Make mind-maps, to-do lists and flashcards. If it can be planned, it can be done.



Blair can do basically everything she sets her mind to. Self-doubt is unacceptable, as well as laziness. Except for re-watching Gossip Girl, because that is, you know, fashion education.

Love Games



Think of all the cute boys at your school. With a bit of structure, scheming and the right lipstick shade, you can have them all. Xoxo



Back-to-School Aesthetic, Part Three: Elle Woods

Elle is the queen of Harvard Law School, and a hero for all dumped girls all over the world. She is the proof that true love only comes when we get out of our comfort zone.

Fashion & Looks


Elle prefers her hair wavy, and her lipstick bright – she doesn’t do subtle. Her love for pink is eternal, but so is the good suit, and decent heels.



Over-the top is the key! Elle doesn’t do boring. Remember the fluffy pink pen?



When you stay in shape, your brain stays in shape as well. Sadly, not all of us can afford to buy a tread mill for our dorm room. Running in the nearest park must do.

Hard work



Elle really had to push hard to become the valedictorian of her class, embracing her new lifestyle with everything included – the time spent studying as well. She knew it would pay off in the end.

Next will be QueenB!



Back-to-School Aesthetic, Part Two: Hermione Granger

Hermione is the ultimate bookworm – with her quick memory who would not love to read? She is the cat lady in the cool wizarding world, and we love her for that.



Even though she is known for her love of books, it is mostly the opportunity to learn something new that gets her to read. She reads all her school books during summer break and is ready to kick-off the semester a little too hard.

So, what would she read if she was real?  She would probably navigate towards the non-fiction shelf before anything else.

Fashion & Looks


Hermione rocks curly hair like no one ever has. Her look is all about keeping it natural. She doesn’t give a second thought about her outfits, but she mixes basics like no one, so her look is always polished. Jean jackets, cardigans, jeans and cute scarfs for those chilly Hogwarts mornings.



Hermione always has a cause she is fighting for – whether it is the rights of the house-elves or fighting to save the world. She doesn’t waste her free time with procrastination. She probably doesn’t even know, what that word means (nah, she knows all the words).

School supplies


Images source

She is a huge fan of planners, and would surely enjoy shopping at stationery stores. Hermione wouldn’t go over-the-top, though! Keeping it always practical.


Guess, who I am going to cover next?



Back-to-School Aesthetic, Part One: Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is known to all for her love of books, coffee and boys with leather jackets. Her lifestyle is an epitome of a small-town girl, both lost and found in the big world.



Rory reads all kinds of genres, but classics are somehow most representative of her style. Her love for Huckleberry Finn, Sylvia Plath or Melville’s Moby-Dick is unending, and oh, so poignant.

Fashion & Looks

Rory lives in chunky sweaters, polished blazers, converse shoes and skirts of all lengths. Her hair is sleek and polished, and she wears mostly minimal makeup. She sure has to have a good night-time routine, since her skin looks like porcelain!

Hangout spots


Rory frequented libraries, cafés, bookstores, and, of course, Luke’s. Her love for a good book and a cup of coffee cannot be denied.


China takeout, pizza, muffins and pies – not much of a brain-food. I guess when you have a brain like Rory, you don’t really need it in the first place.

Work ethic

40960922_2190586954544751_8125796404242153472_n Images Source

Rory studied at every possible occasion, from Friday night to Monday morning. She is that type-A kind of person, although mostly she can keep her chill – mostly.


Who is your back-to-school inspiration?

Stay tuned for part two!!!


Get your life back on track, as told by The Devil Wears Prada

I can’t even put into words how much I love this movie. It is my fashion bible, writing motivation, get-things-done kind of movie. Mostly it serves to me as a motivation to get my life together, and quit complaining and procrastinating whenever I feel a little hazy.


Basically, the whole movie has a feel-good atmosphere – so much needed when you feel stressed and overwhelmed!

Here, I am sharing some tips and tricks to get inspired by how I get inspired (double inspiration!) by this movie.


  1. Power track 

The opening scene of the movie already got me hooked – it wasn’t because of the glamorous life of fashion magazine employees, but the song the film makers chose – It fits the scene perfectly! Since then, this song became my get-things-done tune – whenever I need motivation or some extra energy, I put the volume up and feel like I can conquer just about everything.

Finding your own power track is hard – I have always been a big movie fan, so naturally my power track comes from a movie, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. The key is to find a song that motivates you – not the people on the internet.

It also depends on what do you need motivation for, whether it is work, workout, conquering your fear (of working out?), or facing an unpleasant situation.

Here, I share some ideas about power tracks from movies, but feel free to choose a completely different one – whichever works for you!

You’ve Got The Love, Dog Days Are Over, Just Like Fire, Watch Me Shine (Legally Blonde approved!), Another Day of Sun.

  1. Working hard

Another thing that I loved about this movie is that Andy actually does not know how to do the job at first. And she has a completely natural reaction to it. She doesn’t admit that she has to adapt to the environment and actually understand the way of thinking of her colleagues – instead, she dives into the endless circle of whining and self-pity. It takes some time for her to realize her wrongs, but she manages to do that and picks up again and actually tries hard.

So, no whining and diving into self-pity – just take a deep breath and start! I observed that the reason why I whine is usually because I am afraid I can’t do it, or I am too overwhelmed. Positive thinking really helps me to eliminate this and motivation is important as well (power track!!!). Making a to-do list of everything you have to do and then picking one thing you are going to start with is a good way to not feel overwhelmed as well as it can help you to keep organized.

  1. Fashion

This is a movie about fashion world and what it’s like working in the fashion industry in the first place, so it would be quite careless not to mention it. It also applies to the previous point where I spoke about motivation. Andy gets the whole makeover and it really helps her to get more confidence – also the fact that she shows that she is trying is admirable to her boss. Dress the part they say – and they are absolutely right.

The style that Andy (and her colleagues) attain is all about classics – neutrals with interesting cuts and textures – classics worn in an interesting way!

Bellow I have created a set inspired by Andy’s style. I included items from H&M and Zara, so the prices are not sky-high.


I feel like Andy’s style is all about well-cut pieces and interesting accessories. I love the baker-boy hat most – it eases the professionalism a little bit. The important aspect is also Andy’s hairstyle – bangs makes her look sophisticated and a bit quirky, which sums her up perfectly!


Which movie inspires YOU to get back on track? Let me know in the comments!


Baby Driver

“Easy like Sunday morning…”

Baby Driver transports you into the 70s in a heartbeat, even though it takes place in the present. Kind of like Guardians of Galaxy, right? Let’s blame it on the soundtracks.


Image source

How to get inspired by Emma Watson



Emma Watson is my childhood hero. I watched her on-screen journey as Hermione ever since I was 8 years old, and learned from her mistakes and accomplishments along the way.  I think it’s safe to say that she greatly influenced my generation, both by her on-screen alter-ego and as herself. She has a unique voice in Hollywood, being one of the few childhood actors that lead a scandalous-free life and graduated from a university. Besides Hermione, her portrayal of Sam (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and recently Belle (The Beauty and the Beast) made it clear that she has a knack for choosing strong, independent female characters. Her recent take on feminism might be even more admirable than her entire film career.

The impact she had on me while I was growing up was greatly influenced by the fact that I had the same bushy/untamed hair as Hermione, and I loved to study (I still do). She is one of the women who showed me that I can really have it all, caring both about fashion and education. Emma taught me that I have nothing to be ashamed of by doing well in school and being an introvert, and I’d be forever grateful for that.

She inspired me in so many ways, and here I pinpoint the main ones:

1. Education



The thing I admire about Emma the most is how much importance she places on education. Despite having enough money to do nothing for the rest of her life, she completed her high-school education earning straight A’s and graduated from Brown University with a degree in English Literature.

To get inspired by this, try to learn something new each day. Catch up on your studies, do a little extra work, or learn a new language. Read a newspaper, a novel, watch a science documentary, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you choose something that broadens your mind and pushes your boundaries a little farther.

2. Fashion & Style



In 2011 Emma won Elle’s Style Icon award, followed by 2014’s Best British Style award. She is still recognized as one of the biggest fashion icons of her generation. Her style is simple, sophisticated, and a little romantic, especially during her younger years. She loves to wear black, brown, red and ecru.

To dress like Emma, stick to classic pieces with interesting cuts. Combine a classic trench coat with black sweater, ecru blouse and ankle skinny jeans.  Accessorize with pointed ballet flats and simple scarf. Recently, she seems to wear berets quite often, which somehow soften her sophisticated look.

As for makeup, pay great attention to your eyebrows! Emma has naturally thick eyebrows, but at least she uses something to make them glow. Using lip balm or transparent lip gloss does the trick. On red carpet, she seems to stick to classic red lip and mascara look most often.

For more detailed study of Emma’s style check out this website.

3. Feminism



Emma became a goodwill ambassador for UN women in 2014, and her speech launching a new campaign created a revolution. She distinguished between feminism and man-hating, and encouraged not only women, but also men, to take a stand. Since then, many celebrities and public figures supported her campaign, and addressed on the topic of feminism. Two years ago, she started a book club called Our Shared Shelf, which lies in recommending one book of feminist topic each month. She also distributes and hides these books in public places for certain lucky people to find them.

To embrace feminism, why not become a part of Our Shared Shelf? It is a great way to educate yourself as well. Among the books that has been recommended are The Color Purple, The Women Who Run with The Wolves or The Beauty Myth. Stand up to injustice, watch your humor and your thoughts! Don’t let the media tell you who you are. Finally try that sport that you haven’t before, because you considered it to be too masculine. Or become a book fairy, and hide a copy of a book in public place. Maybe it will make someone’s day better or even change someone’s life!

4. British lifestyle



Emma was born in Paris, lived there for 5 years and then moved to England. Her nationality is British, and it is seen in the way she speaks (obviously), dresses and in her outlook on life in general. She even modeled for Burberry, which for me is the quintessential British brand.

To channel the britishness, throw on a trench coat, and head to the café to have a lovely cup of English Breakfast tea, and catch up on some reading. Plus point if it’s raining outside. Another fun thing to try is to master English accent. I find interviews with Emma helpful and entertaining, as well as exercises like this one.

5. Yoga/healthy lifestyle



Every time I look at pictures of Emma, I feel like she is one of the people who live healthily but at the same time don’t overdo it. She eats both salad and pizza. She works out but she is not fitness-obsessed.

To imitate this, go to a yoga class! Emma loves yoga – she has yoga and meditation teacher’s certificate. She loves to dance as well, so how about that? As for food, try to eat healthy, but don’t overdo it! Eat a lot of vegetables and whole-grain products, but have a slice of pizza once in a while.

1-day Emma To channel Emma for only one day, catch up with a good book, or attend a fashion event! Or bring your book to the fashion event with you, that would be something Emma would definitely do! If you choose a book from Our Shared Shelf, even better!



What do you think? Did you grow up watching Hermione fighting against evil? Do you consider Emma to be your role model? Let me know in the comments!