Baby Driver

“Easy like Sunday morning…”

Baby Driver transports you into the 70s in a heartbeat, even though it takes place in the present. Kind of like Guardians of Galaxy, right? Let’s blame it on the soundtracks.


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How to get inspired by Emma Watson



Emma Watson is my childhood hero. I watched her on-screen journey as Hermione ever since I was 8 years old, and learned from her mistakes and accomplishments along the way.  I think it’s safe to say that she greatly influenced my generation, both by her on-screen alter-ego and as herself. She has a unique voice in Hollywood, being one of the few childhood actors that lead a scandalous-free life and graduated from a university. Besides Hermione, her portrayal of Sam (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and recently Belle (The Beauty and the Beast), made it clear that she has a knack for choosing strong, independent female characters. Her recent take on feminism might be even more admirable than her film career.

The impact she had on me while I was growing up was greatly influenced by the fact that I had the same bushy/untamed hair as Hermione, and I loved to study (I still do). She is one of the women that showed me I can really have it all, caring both about fashion and education. She showed me that I have nothing to be ashamed of by doing well in school and being an introvert, and I’d be forever grateful for that.

She inspired me in so many ways, and here I pinpoint the main ones:

1. Education



First thing I admire about Emma is how much importance she places on education. Despite having enough money to do nothing for the rest of her life, she completed her high-school education earning straight A’s and graduated from Brown University with a degree in English Literature.

To get inspired by this, try to learn something new each day. Catch up on your studies, do a little extra work, or learn a new language. Read a newspaper, a novel, watch a science documentary, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you choose something that broadens your mind and pushes your boundaries a little farther.

2. Fashion & Style



In 2011 Emma won Elle’s Style Icon award, followed by 2014’s Best British Style award. She is still recognized as one of the biggest fashion icons of her generation. Her style is simple, sophisticated, and a little romantic, especially in her younger years. She loves to wear black, brown, red and creamy white.

To dress like Emma, stick to classic pieces with interesting cuts. Combine a classic trench coat with black sweater, creamy white blouse and ankle skinny jeans.  Accessorize with pointed ballet flats and simple scarf. Recently, she seems to wear berets quite often, which somehow soften her sophisticated look.

As for makeup, pay great attention to your eyebrows! Emma has naturally thick eyebrows, but still she uses at least something to make them glow. I find using lip balm or transparent lip gloss does the trick. On red carpet, she seems to stick to classic red lip and mascara look most often.

For more detailed study of Emma’s style check out this website.

3. Feminism



Emma became a goodwill ambassador for UN women in 2014, and her speech launching a new campaign created a revolution. She distinguished between feminism and man-hating, and encouraged not only women, but also men, to take a stand. Since then, many celebrities and public figures supported her campaign, and addressed on the topic of feminism. Two years ago, she started a book club called Our Shared Shelf, which lies in recommending one book of feminist topic each month. She also distributes and hides these books in public places for certain lucky people to find them.

To embrace feminism, why not become a part of Our Shared Shelf? It is a great way to educate yourself as well. Among the books that has been recommended are The Color Purple, The Women Who Run with The Wolves or The Beauty Myth. Stand up to injustice, watch your humor and your thoughts! Don’t let the media tell you who you are. Finally try that sport that you haven’t before, because you considered it to be too masculine. Or become a book fairy, and hide a copy of a book in public place. Maybe it will make someone’s day better or even change someone’s life!

4. British lifestyle



Emma was born in Paris, lived there for 5 years and then moved to England. Her nationality is British, and it is seen in a way she speaks (obviously), dresses and in her outlook on life in general. She even modeled for Burberry, which for me is the quintessential British brand.

To channel the britishness, throw on a trench coat, and head to the café to have a lovely cup of English Breakfast tea, and catch up on some reading. Plus point if it’s raining outside. Another fun thing to try is to master English accent. I find interviews with Emma helpful and entertaining, as well as exercises like this one.

5. Yoga/healthy lifestyle



Every time I look at pictures of Emma, I feel like she is one of the people who live healthily but at the same time don’t overdo it. She eats both salad and pizza. She works out but she is not fitness-obsessed.

To imitate this, go to a yoga class! Emma loves yoga, she even has yoga and meditation teacher’s certificate. She loves to dance as well, so how about that? As for food, try to eat healthy, but don’t overdo it! Eat a lot of vegetables and whole-grain products, but have a slice of pizza once in a while.

1-day Emma To channel Emma for only one day, catch up with a good book, or attend a fashion event! Or bring your book at the fashion event with you, that would be something Emma would definitely do! If you choose a book from Our Shared Shelf, even better!



What do you think? Did you grow up watching Hermione fighting against evil? Do you consider Emma to be your role model? Let me know in the comments!


Top 3 most anticipated geeky events of this fall

With leaves slowly changing color, it’s time again to tune in and see what would this season bring to the on-screen world.

3. Season 4 of The Flash



After the not-so-great season 3 I am really curious to see what will they come up with this season. According to the teasers, I highly doubt that season 4 would reach the quality level of season 1, but unless it’s as bad as season 3, I’m fine with everything. I am particularly interested in what will they do with the character of Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, since she was one of the few good things in season 3.

2. The Big Bang Theory season 11 pilot



After Sheldon asked THE question in season 10 finale, the whole world went nuts. Will Amy say yes? Let’s see today already, September 25th.

(If she says yes, I got a feeling their wedding will be one of the coolest and funniest on-screen weddings of all time.)

1. Thor: Ragnarok



Thor: Ragnarok is the final installment of Marvel’s Thor trilogy. The teaser trailer left all fans in awe and high expectations, since it seems to be so much better than the first two parts.

It brought many new things to the Thor universe. This movie seems to be filled with typical Marvel humor that fans love so much, but was somehow absent in the first two. It is also the first time in Thor movies that other MCU characters like Hulk and Doctor Strange are included. Everyone’s favorite villain, Loki, will come back as well, and seems to play yet another twisted, two-sided role. This movie has a potential to be the great conclusion of Thor trilogy.

How to get inspired by Lorelai Gilmore

For everyone who needs coffee in an IV.



When I first started to watch Gilmore Girls, I was more of a Rory fan than Lorelai’s. She was my age, bookworm, shy, with a love for chunky sweaters. She motivated me to study hard.

But now, few years later, with all the pressure of finding a job and creating a successful career I began to understand and relate to Lorelai better than before.

Lorelai shares my sense of humor, dissatisfaction with my current situation (and the fact that it is actually good and I have nothing to complain about), and not so perfect love life. Instead of following the path her parents set up for her, she created her own.

Here are the tips that for me create essence of Lorelai’s quirky lifestyle:

  • Embrace your sense of humor




Many find Lorelai’s sense of humor immature, but she doesn’t adapt and stays true to herself. This eventually brings her the people that love her for who she is and even share her sense of humor.

Embrace your own sense of humor! Even if just by watching your favorite sitcom, or sharing a funny picture on social media (Lorelai would be a twitter fan, for sure). Don’t be scared of what others think of you and just be spontaneous!

  • Funny fashion



Lorelai is famous for her humor, which shows in her clothing style as well. Her fashion taste is quirky, sometimes a bit inappropriate, but no way boring. She seems to possess an endless amount of witty graphic t-shirts (Yoga kills!!!) and colorful scarves.

For Lorelai, fashion is fun, and so should be for you! Try to shake up your wardrobe a little, and match the pieces that before seemed unmatchable! If you want to get super creative, you can even buy some glitter or textile colors and embellish your clothes to create pieces that are entirely your own.

To dress just like Lorelai, try to match a funny graphic shirt with jeans, high heels, and well-cut jacket, this should do the trick. For more about Lorelai’s style check out this article.

  • Work/Independence



I don’t know why, but every time I watch Gilmore Girls I get an urge to work on my career progress (which I usually suppress by watching another episode). Both Lorelai and Rory inspires me to find a career path I would love and work hard to reach my goals.

To emulate this, try to find meaning in your work or studying and motivate yourself to work a little harder. Work is  an important part of our lives and a huge component of our happiness as well. It is essential to find a career path you are passionate about. My advice is to find something you are willing to sacrifice a lot of time to, something, that keeps you energetic and driven. In my case, for instance, it is music and acting.

  • Hair



For me, Lorelai has THE hair. I honestly can’t think of a character or a celebrity whose hair I admire more than Lorelai’s. Whether she wears it up, down, neatly pulled to the back, or in pigtails, it always looks gorgeous.

The reason Lorelai’s hair looks flawless is that it is healthy. To bring a bit of Lorelai glamour to your hair how about visiting a hairdresser to get rid of those damaged ends?  Another thing is to pay attention to ingredients in your hair products. Many times they are filled with unnecessary chemicals. I recommend using organic products whenever possible. Coconut or olive oil proves to be effective treatment for weak ends. For more information about hair care, check out this and this article.

  • Get a hold of your own life



As I already mentioned, Lorelai creates her own career and life path by not marrying Christopher and settling for the whole rich thing. I admire this most about her. Given that she was only 16 in the time of her decision makes it even more admirable.

To channel this, gather up your courage and change the area of your life you are not satisfied with. Face your fears! Don’t let the fear stop you. It might be something as small as having lunch alone only with your book, or as big and challenging as changing your job or college major. The choice is yours.



1-day-Lorelai  To bring a bit of that Stars Hollow coziness to your day, grab a jacket and catch up with a friend or family over a hot cup of delicious coffee. Bonus point if you visit a cozy small-town café.

Having a movie night with a lot of take-away food (especially Chinese) is another valid option.

What do you think? Do you get more inspired by Lorelai or Rory?





Strong. Intense. Visually impressive.


Probably the only film about the Second World War in which not a single German word is uttered. No sneak-peek at how the other side is doing, only one perspective, just like how the soldiers viewed it. It was this that gave the film the realism that many other war films lack.

Who would have thought that Harry Styles would be the strongest part of the cast? I was blown away by his performance. According to this article he earned the part just like any other actor, going through the whole casting process.


Sitting in the cinema I was anxious for it to end, because it was just so good. I was scared to see what would the next scene bring, if the characters would survive. It showed war in its rawest state. It showed soldiers being human, trying to help others, but at the same time it was every man for himself. Dying was a daily occurrence, like discounted milk. Survival was luxury.